Specialization & Experience


























Pchychology (1 year) Hamline University. Minnesota, USA.
Hypno Therapist: Specialized in Regressive and Positive Thinking Thepies (Hypnosis) at
     Hypnose Sanfte Heilung Institute, Munich, Germany.
Reiki Master.
Mikao Usui line, Tenerife, Spain.
Musicosofía techniques. Musicosofía Institute, Madrid, Spain.
Hindu Astrology. Bernhard Lausberg. Spain.
Biodance techniques & Meditation. Osho Center, Munich, Germany.
Budism. Lama Ole. Budism Center, Munich, Germany.
Natural Healing. Dr. Keshaba Bhat instructor. Caracas, Venezuela.
Yoga. GFU: Gran Fraternidad Universal. Caracas, Venezuela.
Homa Therapy Instructor. Shree Vasant V. Paranjpe. Caracas, Venezuela.
Self realization instructions. Personal convivence with Dalay Lama. Caracas,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Caracas, Venezuela.
Rebirthing. Caracas, Venezuela.
Auxiliar Technician in Reflexology Zu. Asociación Irene. Tenerife, Spain.
Homeophy. R. Knop Foundation. Bolivia.
Universal Bioenergy Master. Dasira Narada line. Bolivia.
Natural & Traditional Healer. Inbometra. Bolivia.

Conferencist and group former in different self realization areas in several European
Homa Therapy Former, Venezuela and Bolivia.
Author and writer of several articles in different health areas, natural medicine, auto
     steem and self developing.
Conferencist and Teacher in Nutrition and Natural Medicine in Europa and Bolivia.
Organizer of Ferias and Events related to Ecology and Preventive Medicine, Bolivia.
Investigator and Former of Shamanism therapist, Bolivia.

Actually, Jenny Karina Griselt manages several institutions such as:
El Punto Natural: Holistic and Natural Healing Center and Alternative Education with more
                          than 45 natural and native products.
Homa Center:      Homa Therapy and Ecology teachings (free)
"Gaiathree" Foundation for the Peace: A non lucrative International Ecological Foundation for the world peace, Investigation and use of the sacred plants, Children and elderly people needed.
Also, she is now writting nue books for self realization.