PHES: Gradual Therapy

Personal Regressive, Positive Suggestion and Shamanism method

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Terapia Gradual P.H.E.S. (Superior and Spiritual Human´s Thoughts) is a unique innovating method in its sort as a result of the investigation and deepening in the labor field of Rebirthing, Neurolinguístic Programming, the Suggestion by means of the Positive Thought and Shamanism. The result of this personal method is the fusion of these four therapeutic techniques which guarantees the optimization of its effectiveness in a considerably short time.

        This method offers an easier canalization and dialogue between the patient and therapist. It facilitates the reading and communication of the psychological panel allowing in this way, to the patient, to surpass and to change simultaneously its conduct favorably. 

          Another advantage, is that patients are not put under uncomfortable questionnaires for the analysis of their case. On the other hand, the therapy continues its way within speech and being possible to obtain a complete and effective processing. 

          It is Gradual, because it adaptes itself to the level of individual understanding of the patient, to its age, its personal characteristics of social development and without interfering in his own rate of the process. As well, a physical processing of chemical decontamination is given, followed of a balanced nutrition so that, the patient manages to restore its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

, is an ancestral  thechnique well known by ancient shamans which use to live in harmony with nature and whom comunities had trust. This way of healing concerns the use of medical sacred plants which hepls to open conciousnes by means of introspection and spiritual cosmovision. The shamanic vision teaches as that all kind of illness come from a sick mind-heart which affect our chakras and then is manifested in our bodies lately.

Rebirthing, is a very useful and conscious breathing technique that allows to make traumas or erroneous patterns to show up faster, so that they can be solved in shorter time. However,when the patterns are not clear enough the personal goals of the patient and within a profeesional help it may confused more the trauma and the patient as well. So it is not recommended to practice rebirthing withing a professional therapist.

Positive Suggestion is an optimal therapeutic method that allows, under a deep state of relaxation, to reconstruct all the subconscious mind information and to organize new conductuales patterns to make humans to know better themselves and to develop their own mechanisms of defense in a society that presses them inhibiting totally their nature of being. On the other hand, the patient obtains through these suggestions, to plan, to project and to rich goals in the life or to correct any situation that may not allow ones to rich them.  This is all posible thanks to the Neuro Linguístic Programming (N.L.P), which is the mediator between the therapist and the patient to develop the code or to locate through body language where the trauma center is located. As well, it serves as corrector of all the subconscious information that it does not allow him to be made in the different aspects from his life. 

P.H.E.S. (Superior and Spiritual Human´s  Thoughts), without no character of group, monk, dogmatic or sectarian, but scientist and professional, it tries to orient people by respecting and following the beliefs of the being individual, to offer a greater conciencial spiritual confidence and of a global unification by means of the Unconditional Love.
Considering that human beings in their essence look always instinctively to reach and personal goals  and a good balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels conciousness in order to realte in harmony with themselves. (" As it is outside, it is inside "). This therapy is well recommended for all kind of people within being sick.  The only requirement is to wish a better quality of life at all levels.  Also to those ones who are looking for a spiritual path and it is possible only by getting knowledge of oneself that PHES: The Gradual Therapy can offers to you as therapy-course. 

Nevertheless, if one feels identified with some of the following feelings: 

Stress, Traumas, Fear, Phobias, Complex, Timidity, Lack of motivation, Authoritarianism, Dependency, Aggression, Hate, Rage, Resentment, Nervousness, Anguish, Anxiety, Depression, Violence, Difficult Adolescence, Low Self-esteem, Difficulty of study, Failures, Obesity, Bulimia, Anorexia, Pregnancy, Deficiencies, Poverty, Lack of will, Intolerante, Suicide, Vices, Frivolity, Indifference, Divorce, Subordination, Culpability, Infidelity, Lack of communication, and others

it will be also recommendet this therapy

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