Jenny Karina Griselt



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Holistic Psychotherapist (more than 14 years experience)
Specialist in Hypnosis, Sacred Plants (Shamanism) and Nutrition.
Natural Healer - Spiritual Master
Born in Caracas, Venezuela
Member of the International Hypno-therapist Association of Munich, Germany 
Wide trajectory and experience in foreign countries (Venezuela, Spain, Italy and Bolivia)
     as an expert of individual, family and group therapies for self esteem and
    self realization
Anthropological Therapist Investigator. Shamanism with Native music and sacred
     plants for more than 13 years.
Creator of the Gradual Therapy P.H.E.S. (Superior and Spiritual Human´s Thoughts)
  A personal Regresive Therapy and Positive Suggestions method
with sacred plants

 Therapia Homa instructor since 1992 (Agnihotra). A Vedic Healing by Bioresonance
     sacred fires. Shree Vasant Paranjpe and Irma García´s direct teaching
. 11 years.
 Pioneer in Chrometherapy and precursor of Musictherapy, Neuro-Linguistic
      Programming (NLP) and Rebirthing in Bolivia.
 "A Miracle Course" Instructor
Spiritual Shamanism Healer.
Angels and spiritual consulting. 
Founder of El Punto Natural: The First Holistic Therapeutic Center and Alternative
     Education  with Feng Shui architecture in Bolivia.
Cofounder and ex directive of the Bolivian Confederation of Natural Healers (COMENAT).
Ex-Member of the Collegiated Natural Therapist of Spain (FENACO).
Organizer and sponsor of Vegetarian Food, Ecology and Preventive Medicine Events in
Founder of the first Homa Center in Bolivia.
Founder of Fundación para la Paz Gaiathree (Gaiathree: Foundation for the Peace)