In January 2004 El Punto Natural  has inaugurated the first Homa Center in order to cooperate and teach other people which is interested in Homa Theraphy and others who doesnt know about this scientific vedic knowledge and to help with our planet environment.  This teaching is completely free moderated by the Holistic Pchychotherapist Gaiathree, who in 1992 had been taught by Shree Vasant..

          The Center also provides all implements which are necessary to perform Agnihotra such as
  Agnihotra training
  Piramidal Copper pot
  Ghee - Clarified cow butter
  Cow Dung cake
  Selected Brown rice
  Agnihotra timings
  Casette or CD mantrams
  Homa Therapy
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What do you need for Agnihotra?:
Copper pot
Brown Rice
Ghee -
cow butter
Mantras Timings

Terapia Homa:      
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                Homa is a Sanskrit word used here synonymously with Yajnya. Yajnya is the technical term from the Vedic science of bioenergy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. This is the central idea in Homa Therapy.      

               Yajnya replenishes the nutrients that pollution robs from our environment.    

               Homa Therapy is totally a revealed science. It is as old as creation. In the course of time this knowledge was lost but it is now being resuscitated to give people guidance about how to correct the polluted conditions we find ourselves in on the planet today. Homa Therapy comes from VEDAS, the ancientmost body of knowledge known to man.

                The most basic Homa (Yajnya) is called AGNIHOTRA and is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset. Performance of Agnihotra on a regular daily basis establishes the healing energies necessary for a healthy environment.

                 The process involves preparing a small fire in a copper pyramid of fixed size and putting some grains  of rice and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) into fire exactly at sunrise and sunset accompanied by the chant of two simple mantras. You can practice Agnihotra in your apartment, garden, office or car. It takes only a few minutes of your time daily.                                                



           Agnihotra is a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset daily. Anyone in any walk of life can do Agnihotra and heal the atmosphere in his/her own home. Thousands of people all over the world have experienced that Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more full of love. It is a great aid to drug and alcohol deaddiction. Agnihotra also nourishes plant life and neutralizes harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria. It harmonizes the functioning of Prana (life energy) and can be used to purify water resources.

           Agnihotra is an ancient science given in Sanskrit language at the time of creation. Sanskrit was never anyone's mother tongue; it is a language of vibration. We can make changes in the atmosphere with Sanskrit mantras and fire prepared with specific organic substances, timed to the sunrise/sunset biorhythm. The fire is prepared in a small copper pyramid of specific size and shape. Brown rice, dried cowdung (manure) and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) are the substances burned. Exactly at sunrise or sunset the mantras are spoken and a small amount of rice and ghee is given to the fire. There is not just energy from the fire; subtle energies are created by the rhythms and mantras. These energies are generated or thrust into the atmosphere by fire. This, in addition to the qualities of the materials burned, produces the full effect of this healing HOMA (healing fire). Much healing energy emanates from the Agnihotra pyramid.

          Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A magnetic-type field is created, which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies. Therefore, a positive pattern is created by one who does Agnihotra merely by his/her performance. Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere of pollutants and neutralizes harmful radiation. The resultant atmosphere gives nourishment to plant life.

          Agnihotra and Plants: The ghee is thrust into the atmosphere and attaches itself to the molecular structure of the soil, allowing the soil to retain more moisture.  Plants grown in Agnihotra atmosphere are better able to withstand droughts. Agnihotra causes a change in the cellular structure of the plant which sends more nutrients to the fruit of the plant and less to the leaves, stem and roots. Many people have found that the size, taste, texture and yield of fruits and vegetables grown in Agnihotra atmosphere are superior. Performance of Agnihotra in the garden reduces pest problems and organic gardening and farming are made easier by using Homa (healing fire) techniques.

          Medicinal properties of Agnihotra: Agnihotra renews the brain cells, revitalizes the skin and purifies the blood. It is the holistic approach to life. Many people who are normally allergic to smoke experience a healing effect by sitting in Agnihotra atmosphere. The healing effects of Agnihotra are locked in the resultant ash. Thousands of people in different parts of the world have experienced wonderful healings of all types of ailments by using Agnihotra ash


Who can perform Agnihotra?:

          Every one can perform Agnihotra no matter religion or believes.

          Only women in mentruation time shouldnt do it for that period of time. Also its not good to touch the implements at least for the fist 5 days. After that, women should take a bath and continue regularly performing Agnihotra


How to perform Agnihotra:


Prepare a few pieces of dried cowdung with ghee on them, and arrange in the pyramid so as to allow good air flow. Leave a hole in the middle so you can insert a lit piece of dung with ghee on it a couple of minutes before sunrise/sunset.

          Exactly at the correct time the fire should be fully ablaze. (Computer generated timesheets for your exact location are available free upon request.)  Utter the first mantra (depending on whether it is sunrise or sunset), and give one offering of rice and ghee to the fire. Utter the second mantra and give the second offering. The effects of sunrise Agnihotra last until sunset, and from sunset until sunrise.


Sunrise mantram  

Suriaya Suajá
(Add the first portion of rice with ghee into the fair)

Suriaya Idam Na Mama 

Prayapataie Suajá
(Add the second portion of rice with ghee into the fair)

Prayapataie Idam Na Mama

Sunset mantram  

Agnaie Suajá
(Add the first portion of rice with ghee into the fair)

Agnaie Idam Na Mama 

Prayapataie Suajá
(Add the second portion of rice with ghee into the fair)

Prayapataie Idam Na Mama


Agnihotra timings:

    You may ask your Agnihotra timing by email sending the right information of your name, email address, country, city, year, local longitude, local latitude and time zone. Also you can click on the next site and go to time tables.


Shree message:

By Vasant Paranjpe

          We are ending an era in which many have been turned to science for their answers.
HOMA THERAPY IS LIKE SUPERSCIENCE FOR THE NEW ERA. However, we must also turn within for the answers now to the problems facing our environment as well as ourselves. To perform the healing fires, Agnihotra and other YAJNYAS for healing of the atmosphere, assists agriculture, medicine and the physical needs of each human being. Now, to look further inside in order to set things right within is essential. Never before have we focused on the idea of self development with such emphasis, but now it is necessary.
          Practice SWADHYAYA (self study, ‘Who am I?’) and rid yourself of what is unnecessarily burdensome for your personal development. Why? In order to become more and more a pure instrument in the service of the Divine.


           People cling to their troubles even when they are taken away. They call them back. What can we do? A person cannot change unless he himself wants to change.
           When people ask for healing, remember there is an unwritten law associated with healing. Firstly, it has to be in accordance with Divine will. With friends, you never go to them and say what you feel or see about them as far as their growth is concerned. Let them ask you. Always we have to respect a person’s boundaries.
          You go a step higher and your opinion itself dissolves. Then all you speak is HIS WILL.
           Persistence breaks resistance.
           Relax, move and turn off the worries and anxieties just as if you had a faucet and turn off water that was flowing out. Then replace those thoughts, worries, fears with REPETITION OF HOLY NAME