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Dear Client:

El Punto Natural in order to guide you how to use our products affres to you by internet some of the recipes you can prepare with them. We wishing you like them.
We also remind you not to throw away the level. You should cut it and check the recipe inside it which you would also collect.


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Sesame milk
Amaranth and Strawberry Marmalade







  Product   Code  001    
Product   Name Whole White Sesame Seeds
Common Name Sesame
Scientific Name Sesamun orientale

Recipe: Drinks

Sesame Milk  (J.K.G)


2     sesame seed spoon "El Punto
1/4  cup boiled water
      Brown sugar or Pure Bee Honey
      "El Punto Natural".


1.- Wash 2 sesame spoons. 2.- Leave at night in a 1/4 glass of water already boiled. 3.- In the same water, next day, mix it in a mixer until it becomes a homogenic milky liquid.  4.- Use brown sugar or honey to make it sweet as you would like -  Portion: One glass





  Product   Code  002    
Product   Name Whole  Amaranth Grain
Common Name Amaranth
Scientific Name Amaranthus candatus

Recipe: Deserts

Amaranth and Strawberry Marmalade  (J.K.G)


cups  Amaranth grain "El Punto
         Natural previously in water for 6 hours
   cups Brown sugar "El Punto Natural"
1kg. Strawberries
1       Lemon

        Powdered cinnamon


1.- Boil the Amaranth grain with a bit of cinnamom. 2.- In other pan with 6 cups of water make the syrup mixing the strawberries and sugar. Then add the amaranth already cook. Keep cooking with low fair during almost 2 hours aprox. 3.- Add the lemon juice and let it cook 5 more minutes. Cool off in natural environment


Jenny Karina Griselt