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About El Punto Natural
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          El Punto Natural  is the first nonprofit Therapeutic & Alternative Education Center with Feng Shui architecture founded  in  August 15th  of 1996  by  the  Natural and Holistic Therapist  Jenny  Karina  Griselt.  It was created for health and education with the firm intention to offer Human Being the opportunity  of a better life style: natural and healthier. Also with the basis of keeping a good balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels consciousness with natural resources.  

 The Center obtains its objetives by different kind of activities which make humans to combine themselves with the environment in a better condition as a proposal of a balanced integral life in harmony. It pretends to show how it is possible to live, to develope oneself and to increase the subsistence within damaging the ecosystem for a better Earth living toguether.













To teach and make consciousness of a high quality life being rescued and conserving the livings and the environment by natural and simple methods for a better world.

To rescue Andean ancient values by means of the diffusion, reeducation and implementation of artisan traditional manual labor.

To rescue the natural resources and the conservation of the environment.

To improve the quality of life by means of a good feeding with native resources and an education of salubrity and Preventive Medicine.

To foment and to cultivate love to the Nature in the infantile and adolescent education.

To foment the cultural interchange between nations for an enrichment and mutual advantage narrowing friendship relations.

To foment the education and the Preventive Medicine like a proposal alternative in low resources local and rural areas


Jenny Karina Griselt